Twelfth Night Auditions in Maryland – 1505867

12-09-15 – Washington, DC>Baltimore, MD – Twelfth Night; or, What You Will is a masterpiece. Shipwrecked on the shores of the strange land, Illyria, Viola believes herself alone in the world and her twin brother drowned. Disguising herself as a boy to work in the court of Illyria’s Count Orsino, Viola discovers her male disguise has proven all too effective: Orsino sends her as a go-between in his persistent love-suit to the unresponsive Olivia. Even as Viola sues for Olivia’s love on Orsino’s behalf, Viola falls in love with Orsino herself. What ensues is a cross-dressing comedy rife with pain and triumph, humor and madness, transformation and redemption. — Project Type: Live Event
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