Charleston Auditions – 1505858

12-08-15 – Cleveland, OH>Detroit, MI – It’s the vibrant 1920s, complete with Ziegfeld girls, raccoon coats, ukuleles, goldfish swallowers, and gangsters! Polly Pepper, a young flapper, is about to turn 18 years old and will then inherit an extraordinary diamond necklace. She is planning a wacky birthday party and is inviting all her friends. Buck Wayne, Polly’s new boyfriend, wouldn’t miss the birthday celebration for anything, even if he has to land his private plane on the lawn of the polo grounds. But watch out, trouble’s in the air! Mobsters are planning to grab the necklace and have devised a clever con to crash Polly’s party. Thanks to Polly, they’re defeated hilariously! — Project Type: Live Event
Source: Job Listings